Breaking Free from the Anger Trap

A 13 Step Strategy to Keep Anger from
Sabotaging Your Life

A proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to deal with the devastating aspects of anger.


The Affair Crisis Plan

An Intelligent and Practical Response
to Relationship Betrayal

This course is designed to help you identify the many perplexing reactions to an affair for the purpose of genuine healing by applying essential strategies that can lead
to authentic relationship restoration.


Dr. Les Carter

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After 35 years and 60,000+ counseling sessions helping couples through thousands of heartbreaking challenges, I developed MarriagePath — a powerful resource for helping you find the best ways to stay on your path toward genuine marital growth, recovery, and wholeness.

Les Carter, Ph. D.

The Affair Crisis Plan

An Intelligent and Practical Response to Betrayal

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Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult relationship dilemmas is the confusion and pain brought on by an extra-marital affair. With so much emotional turmoil (betrayal, anger, disillusionment, shame, and more) it can feel unnatural to apply reasonable courses of action, yet that is exactly what this course is designed to help you accomplish.

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How Loneliness Shows Up

The Hidden Ingredient in Relationship Strains

Season 2, Episode 91

More than just an emotion of physical isolation, loneliness represents the sensation of feeling disconnected and misunderstood. When you are agitated, when conflicts are adversarial, when you struggle with sexual issues, loneliness is in the root system. By learning to respond cleanly to the sensation of disconnection, you will be able to move forward toward relationship healthiness.

The Anti-Growth Trait

How Denial Hinders Maturation

Season 2, Episode 90

There is no denying that denial is a major problem in marital communication. Denial is a defense mechanism indicating fear and insecurity. It leaves others feeling invalidated and dismissed, and the net result is stagnation in personal growth. To eliminate denial, begin with the realization that there is much that could be gained by receiving input. Listening (as opposed to invalidating) can help you grow.


Responding to Confrontations With Inner Calm

Season 2, Episode 89

In every close relationship there is the potential for being misunderstood, dismissed, or scolded. When those moments occur, it is common to respond with defensiveness or anger. As an alternative, though, you could learn to adjust your thoughts in a manner that would allow self-directed trust to guide your responses. In this episode we will explore how inner trust leads to calm reactions.

Cussing and Profanity

Like Sticks and Stones, Words Can Actually Harm You

Season 2, Episode 88

Each of us is exposed to cursing, and you may be one of those who frequently communicates with crass words leading the way. Rather than seeing swear words as harmless, it can be challenging to look more fully into the habit of cursing to determine what you are attempting to accomplish via word choice.

Seeing into the Other’s Anger

Applying Objectivity So You Can Remain Stable

Season 2, Episode 87

When someone is inappropriately angry toward you, it is easy to become pulled into the raw mood of the moment. As a contrast, if you can learn to recognize what is truly pushing that person’s anger along, you can develop objective understanding that prevents you from responding in your own maladaptive reactions.

Necessary Suffering

Five Ways to Turn Pain Into Growth

Season 2, Episode 86

Often when we experience suffering in the emotional or relational realm, we immediately wonder how to make it go away. Yet while suffering is not pleasant, lessons may be gleaned from it. Pain, though uncomfortable, is there for a reason. As you respond to it, you can find wisdom as you tend to the messages inherent in that situation.

Doing Versus Being

When External Changes Don’t Satisfy

Season 2, Episode 85

Often when tensions arise, the prevailing question can be: “What am I supposed to do?” While this is not necessarily a bad question, a more penetrating thought might be: “Who can I be in this moment?” In this podcast we will focus on the ways your “being” can carry you when “doing” doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

Core Values

10 Ways to Keep Meaning in Your Marriage

Season 2, Episode 84

When you are involved in a relationship as significant as marriage, you will need a clear focus on who you (plural) are and where you are going. In this podcast we specify 10 core values that are of utmost importance as you work together to keep marriage meaningful.

The Making Of An Affair

Five Ingredients That Accompany Infidelity

Season 2, Episode 83

Affairs happen for a reason; they do not just occur by chance. In this podcast we will examine five of the most common qualities that factor into the making an affair. Our purpose is to assist you in figuring out how to respond if an affair has occurred, or better yet, to show you what to address up front so an affair can be averted.

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