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The Affair Crisis Plan

An Intelligent and Practical Response
to Relationship Betrayal

This comprehensive online video course is designed to help you identify the many perplexing reactions to an affair for the purpose of genuine healing by applying essential strategies that can lead
to authentic relationship restoration.


Dr. Les Carter

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After 35 years and 60,000+ counseling sessions helping couples through thousands of heartbreaking challenges, I developed MarriagePath — a powerful resource for helping you find the best ways to stay on your path toward genuine marital growth, recovery, and wholeness.

Les Carter, Ph. D.

The Affair Crisis Plan

An Intelligent and Practical Response to Betrayal

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Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult relationship dilemmas is the confusion and pain brought on by an extra-marital affair. With so much emotional turmoil (betrayal, anger, disillusionment, shame, and more) it can feel unnatural to apply reasonable courses of action, yet that is exactly what this course is designed to help you accomplish.

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Happiness: More Than Having Fun

Eight Keys to a Joyful Life

Season 2, Episode 100

Happiness can be experienced in many forms, ranging from inner contentment to hilarious laughter. Getting there is the result of intentional efforts to invest in relationships and in goodness. In this podcast we will highlight multiple ways to make happiness an ongoing part of your life.

Broken Hands Loving Heart

Responding to Unfairness With Loving Resolution

Season 2, Episode 99

Few people like to think of themselves as broken, but the longer you live, you will be susceptible to unwanted difficulties. Your challenge is to take your broken moments as a sort of laboratory experience, using them to produce good from your strains. In this podcast we will gain inspiration from a pianist who did just that, and we will discuss turning sorrow into strength.

We’re out of Love – Now What?

When Feeling Gives Way to Choice

Season 2, Episode 98

When some people use the phrase “We’ve fallen out of love,” it can be the direct result of very serious problems like an affair, abuse, or gross irresponsibility. At other times, though, when that phrase is used it can really mean, “We’ve grown apart,” and that is something that can be addressed. When chemistry and high feelings fade, you can still choose love as a way of life, not as a duty but as an intentional mindset.

Hey, That’s Just The Way I Am

Being Real or Plain Old Stubbornness?

Season 2, Episode 97

Sometimes when people say “that’s just the way I am,” it is a flimsy way of indicating a stubborn refusal to make needed adjustments. Being who you are is great…as long as you are honest with yourself about the motives and repercussions of your behaviors. In this podcast we will examine how stubbornness can hinder relational healthiness.

Shut Down Communication Mode

Staying Clear From Silent Contempt

Season 2, Episode 96

Too commonly people manage tensions by going into a deep form of withdrawal that indicates punishment and contempt. While there are actually times when withdrawal can be a necessary tactic, it need not be accompanied by a message of rejection. In this episode we will examine how to find seek time for individual reflection even as relationship issues are in play.

Can Anger Be Beneficial?

15 Minutes to Constructive Anger

Season 2, Episode 95

Because we tend to think of anger in mostly negative terms, we can overlook the fact that sometimes anger has a legitimate function. It is an emotion of self-preservation and can prompt the individual to stand firmly for valid needs and convictions. That said, it can be easily misused, so it is important for the angry person to pause long enough to discern how to match the legitimate message of anger with a respectful manner of communication.

The Insecurity Behind Controlling People

How Controllers Can Improve Their Relationships

Season 2, Episode 94

While a superficial assumption may lead you to conclude that controllers are self-assured and confident, they are in fact quite insecure. Controllers set themselves up for inner tension by presuming they cannot be satisfied as long as others do not conform. Common sense tells us, though, that high control people have diminishing appeal since their behaviors tend to bring out the worst in relations.

How You Treat Your Shadow People

Your Attitude Toward Those With Small Roles

Season 2, Episode 93

Shadow people can be described as those you encounter who are not at the center of your relational world, but who play small roles in your overall life. They might be waitresses, store clerks, or neighborhood acquaintances. Your manner of interaction with shadow people can reveal much about your overall emotional healthiness, and that is what we will explore in this episode.

How to Truly Feel Significant

Five Keys for Overcoming Low Self-esteem

Season 2, Episode 92

The way you respond to disagreements goes a long way in demonstrating your emotional maturity. Many people, when faced with conflict, elect to go into an invalidating style of communication. Your task is to recognize this, then to accept the challenge to stay on a course of constructive communication, despite the temptation to respond rudely.

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