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MarriagePath Radio Podcast

From money to anger. From In-laws to sex. MarriagePath Radio is just what the doctor ordered. Your host, Dr. Les Carter works to encourage and mentor couples to get stronger, build healthy relationships, and above all, love each other. New episodes every Tuesday!

An Anchor for Conflict Resolution

Seven Simple Steps to Transformative Communication
Season 3, Episode 125
While most people understand that humility can be a good ingredient in the midst of conflicts, when tense moments occur, pride can take over. To have effective communication, your mindset needs to reflect an understanding of the others in your presence. In this podcast we will identify seven transformative truths that will guide you toward healthy conflict resolution.

A Strange Path Toward Intimacy

Seven Truths About Sharing Flaws and Vulnerabilities
Season 3, Episode 124
Most of us are hesitant to share our flaws with others. We know that as some people learn of your imperfections, judgment may ensue. But if you are going to know love in its fullest sense, it requires emotional vulnerability. The good news is that when you share the full you with the right people, you will be positioned to know authentic love.

The Back Side Of An Affair

Things To Consider Before Choosing Infidelity
Season 3, Episode 123
When persons are engaged in an extra-marital affair they tend not to consider what will happen once the affair comes out into the open. In this podcast we will identify many of the ingredients that need processing once the affair is discovered. You will learn that the layers to the “emotional onion” are many and complicated, and the result can be a renewed commitment to sexual fidelity.

Does Your Relationship Have a Balance Statement?

Eight Keys to Bring Harmony from Difference
Season 3, Episode 122
Often when couples display differences they insist that the other should conform, when harmonizing would be the better alternative. Since it is illogical to insist that two people should think and emote exactly the same, this podcast will focus on ways to create harmony in the midst of differences.

An Unnatural Approach To Anger

Eight Essentials For Calm Firmness
Season 3, Episode 121
While we tend to think of angry people being rude and caustic, it is possible for angry people to maintain calmness in the midst of that emotion. Calm, firm individuals are seeking respect, and they choose to make their presentation of anger consistent with respect. This podcast will examine that even when you cannot make others act properly in moments of anger, you can still be emotionally steady within yourself.

So, You Want to Sink Your Relationships?

The Art and Science of Giving Advice
Season 3, Episode 120
The phrase “you need to” means you are probably offering advice the other person does not want. While exchanges of perspectives and information can be good, too much of a good thing can perpetuate a feeling of defeat. In this podcast we will explore ways to eliminate defeat at home by finding positive alternatives to “you need to.”

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