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MarriagePath Radio Podcast

From money to anger. From In-laws to sex. MarriagePath Radio is just what the doctor ordered. Your host, Dr. Les Carter works to encourage and mentor couples to get stronger, build healthy relationships, and above all, love each other. New episodes every Tuesday!

Sports Anger And Its Effect On Families

Seven Ways To Keep Balance In Sports Enthusiasm
Season 3, Episode 134
Some families suffer emotionally because sports participation can create exaggerated, harmful emotions. At its best, sports can create a welcome diversion from the hum-drum elements of life. But at its worst, sports participation can reveal an emptiness of the soul. In this podcast we will examine how to keep sports participation in check so it remains a positive addition to family life.

Surviving A Relationship Disaster

Seven Keys to Turning Strain Into Maturity
Season 3, Episode 133
Any marriage or family can be vulnerable to major problems that could be “game-changers.” When a seminal event happens creating questions about the viability of the relationship, that is a time for deep introspection. Rather than running with a “woe is me” mindset, you can be poised for thoughtfulness as never experienced before.

A Cure For Bitterness

Eight Choices To Keep Bitterness At Bay
Season 3, Episode 132
Bitter people inevitably have a legitimate reason to feel angry, but over time, the anger becomes so toxic it greatly inhibits that person’s quality of life. While no explanation may suffice as you try to make sense of an injustice, you still have choices regarding your long-term emotional disposition. In this podcast we’ll zero in on seven choices that can keep you from the acidic effects of bitterness.

Why Infatuation Falls Apart

Six Ways To Build A Sturdy Foundation For Love
Season 3, Episode 131
While love includes a feeling component, it is much deeper than the mood of the moment. Infatuation can emphasize tender affection to the neglect of other matters such as lifestyle responsibilities, money habits, and emotional maturity. In this podcast we will identify six primary ways to build love on ingredients that move a relationship far beyond the infatuation stage.

How To Survive A Toxic Relationship

Eight Essentials To Stay Healthy When Faced With Relationship Poison
Season 3, Episode 130
Some people have such a strong tendency toward control, power, and invalidation that it creates a form of relationship poison. This can leave you feeling anxious, shamed, and confused. In this podcast we will underscore how you can apply eight lifestyle adjustments that will keep you from being poisoned by such a person.

Are You Feeling Annoyed? Yeah, Me Too.

Eight Ways To Keep Annoyances From Running Away With You
Season 3, Episode 129
Annoyance means you are aroused to impatience and anger, often by small matters. Usually annoyances don’t last long, yet they occur many times in one day. Without a plan to contain this emotion, your personal disposition can be soured. In this podcast we will identify eight adjustments you can make as you determine to keep annoyances from taking over your day.

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