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MarriagePath Radio Podcast

From money to anger. From In-laws to sex. MarriagePath Radio is just what the doctor ordered. Your host, Dr. Les Carter works to encourage and mentor couples to get stronger, build healthy relationships, and above all, love each other. New episodes every Tuesday!

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

12 Traits Indicating Relationship Healthiness

Season 3, Episode 107

Most people ending a marriage will state that they saw signs prior to marriage suggesting the relationship was not all it needed to be. In this podcast we will identify twelve qualities that need to be in place so you can move forward in a budding relationship with confidence. By knowing what to look for, your decision to commit to a long term relationship will be built upon more than just raw emotionalism.

Kindness Plus Firmness Equals Balance

10 Ways to Sidestep Unnecessary People Pleasing

Season 3, Episode 106

Commonly when individuals live in a very pleasing manner, they have too much of a good thing. The commitment to kindness can become a burden when it is not also balanced by firmness. In this episode we will examine ten ways to make sure your pleasing qualities are accompanied by firmness.

Escaping Bad Moods

Seven Steps To An Upbeat Way Of Relating

Season 3, Episode 105

Some individuals have such a deep history of looking at the negative side of life that they develop a reputation of chronic moodiness. This is a learned pattern, which means it can be unlearned and reversed. In this episode we will examine ways to reverse this tendency so a more upbeat approach toward life can emerge.

Boomerang Communication

Six Ways to Remove Hostility From Disagreements

Season 2, Episode 104

When you confront or express a frustration, there is a high potential for the other person to reverse the course of words right back onto you. That’s called boomerang communication. Words and emotions are invalidated and tension explodes on the scene. In this podcast we will discuss how to keep that form of communication from escalating.

Mutual Servitude

Seven Indicators of A Servant’s Heart

Season 2, Episode 103

For a marriage to function at its best, each partner needs to be willing to look out for the other’s best interests. As couples operate with a team spirit, they demonstrate love in all sorts of small, but significant gestures. This podcast will identify seven distinct ways that servitude can be illustrated inside a marriage

How’s Your Sense of Humor?

How to Make Your Relationships Run More Smoothly

Season 2, Episode 102

When laughter is absent from a home, it is usually a sign of trouble. Conversely, when family members can enjoy funny stories or events, many good things can result. Humor has a way of creating bonding and it also diminishes our tendencies toward stress, anger, and tension. In this podcast we will explore the good that can come from this trait.

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