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Eight Truths You Can Use to Calm the Storm

How to Successfully Navigate Relationship Imperfections
Season 3, Episode 116
As you live with someone for years, flaws and imperfections will repeatedly be displayed. When that happens, it is tempting to focus on making the other person change, but sometimes that effort repeatedly falls flat. That can be a signal that it is time to examine how you can stay steady inwardly even as your externals are not perfect.

Moving Away From Anger – Moving Toward What?

10 Traits That Will Transform Your Anger Style
Season 3, Episode 115
It’s not enough to say you want to be less angry. That’s a good starting point, but you’ll need to have an idea of the positive qualities you are moving toward. In this segment, we will identify 10 elements inside anger that tend to sidetrack you, and we will then identify 10 alternative traits that will move you into a much healthier manner of anger management.

What Your Anger Reveals About You

Hidden Messages Pushing Your Frustrations
Season 3, Episode 114
There are various ways to manage your anger, some positive and some negative. In order to manage your anger most constructively you will need to be aware of the inner thoughts and needs feeding it. With insight and honesty about the true nature of your anger styles, you will be poised to make choices consistent with healthy lifestyle practices. That’s what we’ll explore in this podcast.

What to Do If You’re Constantly Misunderstood

Six Ways to Respond to Those Who Misread You
Season 3, Episode 113
Wouldn’t it be nice to know that each person in your world has a keen understanding of you and chooses to respond with appropriateness. Regretfully, though, you probably know someone who seems oblivious to your feelings and needs, no matter how strongly you attempt to coordinate. With such people you will need to exercise caution as you respond, lest you fall into very unhealthy patterns.

Who Defines You, Especially When You’re Ticked Off?

Staying Inside Your Emotional Boundaries
Season 3, Episode 112
When our emotions and communications become problematic, it is almost always connected to blurred relationship boundaries. We can be so consumed by having harmony that we behave in troublesome ways when it is not happening. In this podcast we will identify cues indicating blurred boundaries, then we will look at the better alternatives.

Five Reasons To Tackle Differences With Restrain

Why Exaggerated Reactions Perpetuate Conflict

Season 3, Episode 111

When tensions and conflicts arise many people have a tendency to communicate with forcefulness or stubbornness leading the way. Common sense says that there are a variety of ways to look at any issue, so it would be wise to stay away from exaggerated attitudes in favor of modesty. This podcast will explore reasons to communicate in a more modest fashion.

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