You're Not the Boss of Me!

Thriving in Spite of the Narcissist in Your Life

I’m Dr. Les Carter, creator of You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Even when a narcissistic person is strong-willed and coercive toward you, it is still possible for you to respond with firmness and confidence. You need not collapse into feelings of defeat and tension. This course will provide the necessary strategies that will allow you to live with self-respect over insecurity, self-trust over fear, assertiveness over suppression, and equality over inferiority. If you have been controlled and invalidated by a significant other, leaving you feeling emotionally wrung out or powerless, this course will set you onto the path toward personal empowerment.

Workshop Overview

12 Online HD Video Sessions

12 Downloadable Worksheets

Session 1: Eight Traits of Narcissism
You might be in a relationship with a narcissist and by understanding the 8 key traits you will be able to move your life from chaos towards emotional freedom.
Session 2: Malignant Narcissism
Malignant narcissism exaggerates the patterns of exploitation with the goal of personal ruin. This session provides the tools for disentangling while promoting increased self-preserving behaviors.
Session 3: Responding to Narcissistic Control
Narcissists crave control and want you to hand them the keys to your life decisions. This session will empower you, not the narcissist, to direct your own life as a free individual.
Session 4: An Odd Disadvantage with the Narcissist
Pleading with a narcissist only feeds their ego. This session provides 4 effective tools for disengaging from emotional power plays while building your own powerful sense of self.
Session 5: Anger Generated by the Narcissist
Over time exposure to narcissism can magnify emotionally unhealthy anger. This session provides tools allowing you to respond effectively while gaining a thriving self-respect.
Session 6: Insecurity with the Narcissist
Even though the narcissist wants you to remain uncertain about your needs and beliefs, this session will boost your self-trust so that your responses to their offensiveness will become non-defensive.
Session 7: Guilt Trips Created by the Narcissist
Narcissist commonly use guilt as a ploy to remain in control. This session will teach you to recognize and deflect false guilt enabling you to live life fully in a healthy and fair-minded manner.
Session 8: 8. Staying True to Yourself
Narcissism leaves others in states of self questioning and emotional uncertainty. This session will enable you to focus on your own discernment so that you can live in confidence and optimism.
Session 9: Why Do Some People Gravitate Toward the Narcissist?
Relationship with a narcissist begins with vulnerability. This session provides essential tools allowing you to stop filtering choices through one who doesn’t care about your best interests.
Session 10: What to Avoid with a Narcissist
The narcissist does not want you to grow. This session provides 4 behavioral strategies to use when the narcissist in your life resists your positive change.
Session 11: Is There a Healthy Narcissism?
We’ll answer this question by providing 7 action items so that you can develop a non-narcissist manner of life while ending the narcissists attempts to break your resolve.
Session 12: Tension Means Growth Opportunities
Your personal growth will no longer suffer from the narcissist’s tactics because using these tools will turn your anxiety into deep resolve and genuine self-affirmation.

You can find Freedom!

Living with a narcissist can prompt you to question your own sanity since you know that your preferred choices will be persistently squashed. But if you want to live a life consistent with your truth, and if you want to maintain self-respect, this course will give you the tools to stand up cleanly for your dignity. You will receive clear behavioral directives to help you break free from reactions that keep you feeling chronically inhibited.

Check out this video for a quick overview of this outstanding course.

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