The Affair Crisis Plan

An Intelligent and Practical Response to Relationship Betrayal

I’m Dr. Les Carter, creator of The Affair Crisis Plan.

This lifeshop incorporates systems used by people all over to bring hope and order out of the panic and fear brought on by an affair. Unlike the pop-psychology handed out by many so-called advisors and relationship coaches, The Affair Crisis Plan is backed by over 35 years of real counseling experience helping people navigate through the affair minefield while building a strong connection of recovery, restoration, and genuine love.

Here’s what I cover in this 12-session online course.

Workshop Overview

12 Online HD Video Sessions

12 Downloadable Worksheets

Session 1: Discovering an Affair
In this opening session, you will discover a plan to gain and understand the critical facts of the affair as well as how to obtain key information that will shed light on the how the affair developed in the first place. But more importantly, this session will help you understand that the journey before you is indeed manageable, and that reason can prevail over your situation. Even though you may feel a sense of disorientation at the moment, by the end of this session you will have a new sense of hope and ability to control the situation.
Session 2: Removing Deception
An early goal in recovery is rebuilding trust, and this will require some time. To achieve that goal, this session lays out a solid plan so that all destructive secrets can be removed and full disclosure (past, present, and future) is acquired. This is a vital element to laying the foundation for success.
Session 3: No More Entitlement
Since the affair was driven in part by an “I deserve” mentality, a strategy must be provided for what is truly required for restoration as well as developing a genuine focus on empathy and contrition that can be implemented immediately.
Session 4: Dropping Third-party Loyalty
In the recent aftermath of an affair’s discovery there is a high probability that the third party will be on the scene in some capacity. This session will equip you with effective methods to suspend or put an end to contact insuring that communication with the third-party is successfully terminated in such a way as to bring real and lasting closure to that association.
Session 5: Managing Grief and Anguish

Because trust and loyalty are central to marital success, feelings of loss, agony, rage, numbness, and confusion can run rampant, hindering any hope of effectively dealing with the crisis. This session guides the offended and offender in such as way as to make room for such emotions while promoting an environment that keeps negative feelings from becoming overwhelming and thereby sabotaging the ability to successfully progress through the affair.

Session 6: Establishing Freedom
When a partner has been caught cheating, it can be tempting to put that person figuratively inside a fortified wall with a giant padlock on the gate. Yet, such an effort can never lead to confidence since healthy relationships are not built upon coercion, but upon freedom. In this session, you will implement strategies that promote core values over mandatory regulations in such a way that nurture genuine recovery.
Session 7: Addressing Insecurity
The partner having the affair was looking outwardly for affirmation, implying inner neediness. The partner who was cheated on has reason to question if he or she is labeled as undesirable. In either case, this session provides a framework for working through the nature and focus of self-esteem which is essential to moving forward with healing as well as including an effectual back-to-the-basics exploration of deep personal values.
Session 8: Uncovering Anger
An affair almost always reveals conflicts and tensions that have not been successfully addressed. Certainly when the affair is out in the open, anger (indeed, rage and bitterness) can take center stage. This session provides the individual parties with the infrastructure to honestly display a healthy versus unhealthy anger that is quite beneficial, as well as addressing their needs constructively and respectfully.
Session 9: Committing to Humility
Affairs inevitably have a component of egotism. The offending partner usually possesses such a self focus that it overrules common sense, while the offended partner may struggle with a demanding attitude driven by the thought, “now you owe me.” This session provides solutions that allow each person to respond to the depth of their hurt with a sound and reasonable mindset as opposed to one of self-centeredness.
Session 10: What about the Kids?
The actions of parents have major repercussions upon their children whether they are aware of the affair or not. Understanding that it is unfair for them to pay a debilitating price for a poor decision by a parent, this session lays out a plan while promoting discussion regarding the importance of meeting a child’s needs following an affair.
Session 11: The Question of Divorce
In a very high percentage of case studies, an affair prompts questions about the survivability of the marriage. In this session we explore the potential for marital restoration, as well as the impact divorce would have upon each various elements within their environment. There are many aspects that a couple must consider before making life altering decisions and this lecture will provide an essential map for navigating diverse settings and hazardous situations within an easy to understand framework.
Session 12: Resuming Sex
After an affair, marital sexuality can become a matter of serious tension and anxiety. Normally, sex has the wonderful potential for bonding. Because infidelity can shatter that bond, this session will provide couples with a simple system to promote genuine communication – removing self-denial and misunderstanding regarding sex so that you can experience an enduring healthy intimacy.

A Smart and Innovative Response

The Affair Crisis Plan is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to deal with an affair in precise detail. It explains exactly what to do every step of the way through high quality video training taking you through all the steps to instituting true relationship recovery. You also get access to 12 Let’s Talk Q&A supplements guaranteed to boost the communication levels within your relationship using a simple easy to use strategy. In short, The Affair Crisis Plan is a proven blueprint that my clients have applied very successfully over and over.

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