Breaking Free from the Anger Trap

A 12 Step Strategy to Keep Anger from Sabotaging Your Success

I’m Dr. Les Carter, creator of Breaking Free from the Anger Trap.

This lifeshop explores how individuals become emotionally ensnared by anger. Perhaps your anger originates from someone else, or maybe it arises from within. Either way it brings out the worst, destroying emotional and relational wholeness. Within this series of online video sessions and worksheets you will finally be able to understand the dynamics of anger, how it is displayed (both positively and negatively) in a wide array of behaviors, and how to successfully address the inner tensions that keep you feeling trapped. If you want freedom from the destructive effects of anger, join me in an engaging and insightful lifeshop filled with genuine life changing strategies.

Lifeshop Overview

13 Online HD Video Sessions

13 Downloadable Worksheets

Session 1: Anger: What’s the Point?
Many people have difficulty expressing a need or aspiration without using anger as a way to validate their viewpoint. This session will provide you with the tools you’ll need to communicate your needs successfully while maintaining an authentic sense of personal significance and worth.
Session 2: Suppressing Anger
This session will enable you to make a genuine commitment to emotional and relational honesty by providing specific strategies to move you from suppression to healthy communication, both internally and externally.
Session 3: Openly Aggressive Anger
Communication that reveals a genuine respect for yourself and others will be achieved by using the methods in this session so that aggressive anger will not have the chance to destroy basic human dignity, thus allowing the opportunity for dramatic growth and relational success.
Session 4: Passive Aggressive Anger
In this session, you will be presented with alternatives to manipulative or unscrupulous forms of anger which is an essential step in letting anger actually work for the good of the relationship.
Session 5: Assertive Anger
Respectful, non-coercive anger raises the probability that you will be taken seriously when you address needs and frustrations.
Session 6: Releasing Anger
By releasing anger you are free to appreciate the cleanness of a forgiving and tolerant approach to emotional tensions.
Session 7: Wasted Anger
Adopting a “less is more” approach to anger communication, you will be positioned to be taken more seriously in the occasions that require assertive anger.
Session 8: Bitterness
By dropping bitterness, you eliminate the potential to become poisoned by your own “correct” convictions.
Session 9: Anger and the Need for Control
As you communicate your anger in a less controlling manner, you are more in control of its legitimate message.
Session 10: The Insecurity Beneath Anger
You can modulate your voice tone and minimize the use of insistent words as a way of demonstrating calm firmness. Others will not set your emotional pace, you will.
Session 11: Setting Aside Raw Egotism
Your commitment to a humble spirit prompts you not to take yourself too seriously, which in turn increases the probability that you will be taken seriously.
Session 12: Anger As A Fear Reaction
By dropping unnecessary defenses and trusting instead in your good character, you remove dread and tension from angry situations.
Session 13: Thoughts to Guide Your Anger
You will manage anger with the realization that it is not just a raw impulse, but the result of well conceived plans.

An Easy Straightforward Solution!

Breaking Free From the Anger Trap is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to deal with the devastating aspects of anger in straightforward detail. You will discover exactly what to do and what actions to take every step of the way, right down to how to deal with deep-seated insecurities that you may not even know exists. Breaking Free From the Anger Trap is supported by over 35 years of real anger management counseling helping people transform a detriment into an advantage.

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