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Why Infatuation Falls Apart

Six Ways To Build A Sturdy Foundation For Love

Season 3, Episode 131

While love includes a feeling component, it is much deeper than the mood of the moment. Infatuation can emphasize tender affection to the neglect of other matters such as lifestyle responsibilities, money habits, and emotional maturity. In this podcast we will identify six primary ways to build love on ingredients that move a relationship far beyond the infatuation stage.

Why Infatuation Falls Apart

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think About

In this episode, we came to understand that:

  • When love builds, it is best to accompany it with a patient attitude.
  • Friendship love, and it attending lifestyle adjustments, is more reliable than feel-good experiences.
  • While love does indeed include an emotional component, reason needs to be firmly in place too.

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“As you have aged, how has your understanding of love matured?”


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