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Surviving A Relationship Disaster

Seven Keys to Turning Strain Into Maturity

Season 3, Episode 133

Any marriage or family can be vulnerable to major problems that could be “game-changers.” When a seminal event happens creating questions about the viability of the relationship, that is a time for deep introspection. Rather than running with a “woe is me” mindset, you can be poised for thoughtfulness as never experienced before.

Surviving A Relationship Disaster

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think About

In this episode, we recognized that:

  • If you have put a disaster into play, it is time to approach life with humility leading the way.
  • Disasters usually require submission to accountability and soul searching.
  • When major problems arise, it is time to make adjustments in your influential relationships and priorities.

Let's Talk

“What is the best adjustment that could arise as a result of a major disaster inside your primary relationship?”


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