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When To Appease, When Not To Appease

Keeping Fairness In Balance

Season 3, Episode 126

Inevitably appeasement is the go to behavior associated with unhealthy people pleasing, and that is not a good thing. Yet, appeasement is not always wrong and it can be a necessary ingredient in a relationship that addresses unique needs and preferences. In this podcast we will distinguish healthy and unhealthy appeasement. 

When To Appease, When Not To Appease

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think About

In this episode, we came to understand that:

  • There are times when we each need to set aside our prefered ways in order to establish a companionable spirit.
  • When the other operates with an attitude of entitlement or insensitivity, a fair response is to establish your separateness.
  • Appeasement is appropriate when it is balanced with reasonable self-care.

Let's Talk

“In what scenarios do you struggle to discern between healthy appeasement versus appropropriate self-care?”


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