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How Anger Reveals The Real You. (And It May Not Be Flattering)

Hidden Messages Pushing Your Frustrations

Season 3, Episode 114

There are various ways to manage your anger, some positive and some negative. In order to manage your anger most constructively you will need to be aware of the inner thoughts and needs feeding it. With insight and honesty about the true nature of your anger styles, you will be poised to make choices consistent with healthy lifestyle practices. That’s what we’ll explore in this podcast.


What Your Anger Reveals About You

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think About

In this episode, we acknowledged that:

  • Forceful anger indicates, among other things, fear and insecurity.
  • Assertive anger can reveal empathy and a priority for goodness.
  • As you maintain a mind of humility you will be more inclined to pick and choose your battles carefully so anger will not become destructive.

Let's Talk

“When tension and conflict arises, what are your most common displays of anger? What inner needs and thoughts pushes that anger along?”


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