Mutual Servitude

Seven Indicators of A Servant’s Heart

Season 2, Episode 103

For a marriage to function at its best, each partner needs to be willing to look out for the other’s best interests. As couples operate with a team spirit, they demonstrate love in all sorts of small, but significant gestures. This podcast will identify seven distinct ways that servitude can be illustrated inside a marriage


Responding to Confrontations With Inner Calm

Season 2, Episode 89

In every close relationship there is the potential for being misunderstood, dismissed, or scolded. When those moments occur, it is common to respond with defensiveness or anger. As an alternative, though, you could learn to adjust your thoughts in a manner that would allow self-directed trust to guide your responses. In this episode we will explore how inner trust leads to calm reactions.

Core Values

10 Ways to Keep Meaning in Your Marriage

Season 2, Episode 84

When you are involved in a relationship as significant as marriage, you will need a clear focus on who you (plural) are and where you are going. In this podcast we specify 10 core values that are of utmost importance as you work together to keep marriage meaningful.

The Making Of An Affair

Five Ingredients That Accompany Infidelity

Season 2, Episode 83

Affairs happen for a reason; they do not just occur by chance. In this podcast we will examine five of the most common qualities that factor into the making an affair. Our purpose is to assist you in figuring out how to respond if an affair has occurred, or better yet, to show you what to address up front so an affair can be averted.

Opposite Gender Friendships

10 Ways to Maintain Good Boundaries

Season 2, Episode 82

Having connections with people of the opposite gender is both inevitable and normal. That stated, it is good to know how to manage yourself in those relationships so they will not cross the line into an inappropriate bond. In this podcast we will identify ten ways to establish and maintain healthy boundaries so your marriage will be honored even as you interact with people of the opposite sex.


The Priority of a Thankful Heart

Season 2, Episode 73

Homes that give priority to expressions of thanks have higher levels of contentment. As simple as this notion seems, many minimize a grateful spirit as criticism and annoyance dominate. This episode will highlight various ways to set the stage for gratitude to be center stage.

The Two D’s

How to Know if an Affair Is Out of Your System

Season 2, Episode 66

When a person engages in an extramarital affair, it is inevitably accompanied by deception and deservedness (an attitude of entitlement). For healing to move forward, these two ingredients need to be removed as thoroughly as possible. This episode will explore the nature of deception and deservedness so you can learn if trust can be rebuilt.

Core Trust

Reading Cues That Indicate The Depth of Marital Trust

Season 2, Episode 62

Marital partners may say they trust each other, yet their communication can consist of chronic bickering, or perhaps there is little personal disclosure, or maybe they struggle to find points of agreement. For trust to be trust, it has to be demonstrated in real life situations. In this episode, we will examine ways that show if trust truly is (or is not) an integral ingredient in the marriage.

Four Kinds of Love

Building Blocks for a Secure Relationship

Season 2, Episode 58

Love requires friendship, purpose, planning, initiative and communication. In this episode we will identify four distinct aspects of being in love, with the goal of stimulating you to examine how you can build a broad and deep foundation for rewarding exchanges.


What True Love Is and Is Not

Season 2, Episode 55

Many marriages experience undue strain because they are built upon a set of expectations that cannot be sustained. While romantic, eros love has its place, abiding love is anchored in an appreciation for the mundane, less stellar elements of relating. This episode will contrast infatuated feelings with a grounded approach toward the concept of being in love.

Trustworthy People

Being a Person Who Builds Loyalty

Season 1, Episode 43

Relationships will quickly collapse when trust is lacking. Trust is the precursor for skills like conflict resolution, building security, being an encourager, and instilling motivation. This podcast will highlight 12 key ingredients that go into the making of a trustworthy person.

Keeping Secrets

Choosing Openness over Deception

Season 1, Episode 42

Healthy relating consists of keeping no secrets of a moral or ethical matter, and by having the fullest accountability that common sense allows. In other words, being known is essential to being securely connected.

Being Likable

Increasing Your Influence by Being Approachable

Season 1, Episode 28

You can be knowledgable on a wide range of topics. But if others don’t like you, who cares? Before any communication can be successful, others need to feel that you are an approachable person, that you truly care.

Not Saying I’m Sorry

How Not to Deny Flaws Others Clearly See

Season 1, Episode 26

This podcast will examine some of the behind-the-scenes tension that inhibits individuals from admitting wrongs, exploring also how this tendency can be remedied.

Defined By Fear

How Fear Shows up in Your Responses

Season 1, Episode 22

While we might be tempted to identify fear with deep dread or apprehension, it can show itself in many nuanced ways. We’ll take a look at how we can come to terms with these responses.


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