Tapping The Brakes on Impulsive Reactions

Season 2, Episode 72

There is no shortage of scenarios requiring self-restraint. You may have unhealthy emotional outbursts, quick judgments, spending sprees, poor eating habits, or excessive alcohol consumption (to name just a few). With each situation, measured choices are greatly preferred over impulses of the moment. This episode will discuss the need for self-restraint and how to attain it.

Am I Living With A Narcissist?

Eight Identifiers of Narcissism

Season 2, Episode 54

This episode identifies eight qualities to watch for as you discern if you are dealing with a narcissist. Once you recognize the narcissistic pattern, you will probably need to determine how to apply firm boundaries, as opposed to getting caught in circular arguments you will never win.

Pride vs. Humility

Understanding the Foundation of Right vs. Wrong

Season 1, Episode 52

Every person alive has a natural predisposition toward selfishness. While not a flattering thought, your understanding of this can prompt you to seek alternatives. Healthy individuals recognize that humility can be prioritized over prideful self absorption, and by doing so they can be positioned to have mature lifestyle habits.


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