Value People and Use Things Not The Reverse

Becoming Less Susceptible to Materialism
Season 3, Episode 128
It’s one thing to have conflicts about spending money, but at a deeper level, some families are at odds about the meaning of Things. Materialism can prompt persons to become so preoccupied with stuff and with image that they lose sight of relational and spiritual pursuits. In this podcast we will identify the nature of materialism and focus on six ways to keep it from taking over your life.

The Power Of Affection

How Your Soft Skills Generate Influence
Season 3, Episode 127
Affection tends to be in full supply in the initial stages of a marriage, but it can fade over time. Thriving relationships don’t let affections wane, but they are intentional in being tender and gentle when the time requires it. This podcast discusses the many aspects of affection and how to make it central to your relational style.

A Strange Path Toward Intimacy

Seven Truths About Sharing Flaws and Vulnerabilities
Season 3, Episode 124
Most of us are hesitant to share our flaws with others. We know that as some people learn of your imperfections, judgment may ensue. But if you are going to know love in its fullest sense, it requires emotional vulnerability. The good news is that when you share the full you with the right people, you will be positioned to know authentic love.

Who Defines You, Especially When You’re Ticked Off?

Staying Inside Your Emotional Boundaries
Season 3, Episode 112
When our emotions and communications become problematic, it is almost always connected to blurred relationship boundaries. We can be so consumed by having harmony that we behave in troublesome ways when it is not happening. In this podcast we will identify cues indicating blurred boundaries, then we will look at the better alternatives.

An Inconvenient Truth About Change

Staying On Path Even When Others Won’t Cooperate

Season 3, Episode 109

When you are committed to being fair in your primary relationships, it’s only natural to want the other person to share an equal commitment. Unfortunately, many people will not have the same eagerness for personal growth. In those moments you are faced with the question: Who do I need to be even if my efforts are not reciprocated?

Do You Want To Be Judgmental Or Accepting?

8 Ways to Create an Accepting Attitude

Season 3, Episode 108

Most people like to think of themselves as accepting…until they’re not. At times, opinions and preferences can become so strong that we offer rejection and judgment instead. Being accepting does not require you to cease having opinions and preferences, but it does require wisdom and discernment as you respond to the differences presented by others.

Escaping Bad Moods

Seven Steps To An Upbeat Way Of Relating

Season 3, Episode 105

Some individuals have such a deep history of looking at the negative side of life that they develop a reputation of chronic moodiness. This is a learned pattern, which means it can be unlearned and reversed. In this episode we will examine ways to reverse this tendency so a more upbeat approach toward life can emerge.

Happiness: More Than Having Fun

Eight Keys to a Joyful Life

Season 2, Episode 100

Happiness can be experienced in many forms, ranging from inner contentment to hilarious laughter. Getting there is the result of intentional efforts to invest in relationships and in goodness. In this podcast we will highlight multiple ways to make happiness an ongoing part of your life.

We’re out of Love – Now What?

When Feeling Gives Way to Choice

Season 2, Episode 98

When some people use the phrase “We’ve fallen out of love,” it can be the direct result of very serious problems like an affair, abuse, or gross irresponsibility. At other times, though, when that phrase is used it can really mean, “We’ve grown apart,” and that is something that can be addressed. When chemistry and high feelings fade, you can still choose love as a way of life, not as a duty but as an intentional mindset.

How You Treat Your Shadow People

Your Attitude Toward Those With Small Roles

Season 2, Episode 93

Shadow people can be described as those you encounter who are not at the center of your relational world, but who play small roles in your overall life. They might be waitresses, store clerks, or neighborhood acquaintances. Your manner of interaction with shadow people can reveal much about your overall emotional healthiness, and that is what we will explore in this episode.

Necessary Suffering

Five Ways to Turn Pain Into Growth

Season 2, Episode 86

Often when we experience suffering in the emotional or relational realm, we immediately wonder how to make it go away. Yet while suffering is not pleasant, lessons may be gleaned from it. Pain, though uncomfortable, is there for a reason. As you respond to it, you can find wisdom as you tend to the messages inherent in that situation.

Respecting Your Own Boundaries

Five Characteristics of Healthy Boundaries

Season 2, Episode 81

It is quite common for others to presume they can or should define who you are supposed to be and how you ought to feel and prioritize. In those cases, that represents a violation of relationship boundaries. Rather that collapsing in despair or trying to justify your legitimacy, you can choose to hold confidently to your own uniqueness.

Gratitude Matters

How to Truly Improve Your Relationships

Season 2, Episode 79

If gratitude is not the most important ingredient for a successful manner of life it is one of the most important. When you naturally see and act upon goodness, your influence increases. Your emotions become more steady. You find contentment more readily. In this podcast you will be challenged to examine your levels of gratitude.

Trivia Isn’t Always Trivial

How Small Things Relate to the Greater Good

Season 2, Episode 77

You cannot expect people to be at their best in difficult moments when they give low priority to goodness in mundane incidents. This episode will highlight the good that develops when individuals develop a habit of goodness in small relational episodes.

Who Sets Your Pace?

You Get to Establish The Person You Want to Be

Season 2, Episode 76

Many people allow events and circumstances to bring out qualities that run counter to what they want to be. This implies that others are setting their pace for them. In this podcast we will look at the alternative of you establishing who you want to be even when it means not going along with the prevailing mood.


Tapping The Brakes on Impulsive Reactions

Season 2, Episode 72

There is no shortage of scenarios requiring self-restraint. You may have unhealthy emotional outbursts, quick judgments, spending sprees, poor eating habits, or excessive alcohol consumption (to name just a few). With each situation, measured choices are greatly preferred over impulses of the moment. This episode will discuss the need for self-restraint and how to attain it.

Three Ingredients Underlying Anxiety

Addressing Anxiety From the Inside Out

Season 2, Episode 70

Anxiety can be understood as a result of unresolved conflicts. Specifically, anxious people tend to struggle with fear, anger, and control. In this episode we will identify the nature of anxiety for the purpose of learning how to keep that emotion from playing a prominent role in your primary relationships.

What Spirituality Looks LIke

Eight Ingredients of a Spiritually Minded Person

Season 2, Episode 69

Rather than looking at life as driven solely by function and duty, spiritually minded people have an understanding that life is guided by an overarching meaning. They are driven by a desire to accentuate love in each element of daily living. As spirituality takes over, their influence becomes enhanced because others can more clearly appreciate an outpouring of their respect for human dignity.

Life as a Mission

Four Key Beliefs That Give Life Meaning

Season 2, Episode 68

While you cannot always choose what your circumstances will bring, you can choose your attitudes. This podcast focuses on 4 primary beliefs espoused by the late Viktor Frankl who penned his thoughts about a successful life after living through the horrors of the Holocaust.You will be challenged to receive his message of meaning and apply it to everyday life experiences.

Dignity and Contentment

How Two Traits Can Guide Your Priorities

Season 2, Episode 63

One of the great minds of the 20th century was that of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. While he is most known for political commentary, his philosophies are amazingly relevant for the home life too. In this episode we will identify 10 life lessons that are a direct spin-off from his core beliefs about dignity and the life of true contentment.

Four Kinds of Love

Building Blocks for a Secure Relationship

Season 2, Episode 58

Love requires friendship, purpose, planning, initiative and communication. In this episode we will identify four distinct aspects of being in love, with the goal of stimulating you to examine how you can build a broad and deep foundation for rewarding exchanges.

Pride vs. Humility

Understanding the Foundation of Right vs. Wrong

Season 1, Episode 52

Every person alive has a natural predisposition toward selfishness. While not a flattering thought, your understanding of this can prompt you to seek alternatives. Healthy individuals recognize that humility can be prioritized over prideful self absorption, and by doing so they can be positioned to have mature lifestyle habits.

Releasing Anger

Applying Wisdom to Chronic Frustrations

Season 1, Episode 47

Sometimes, no matter how right or appropriate you are, your efforts to address frustrations fall flat. At that point you may need to reassess your goals to include the release of your anger – letting go of it.

A Lifetime of Maturing

Viewing Growth As A Never Ending Process

Season 1, Episode 44

In this podcast, four distinct life stages will be identified and you will be challenged to consider where you are in your own maturation process.

The Up Side of Agony

How Emotional Pain Can Become Your Friend

Season 1, Episode 38

In this podcast we will explore how struggles with deep agony can become the catalyst for personal growth that may never have happened without the problematic circumstances. Agony can hurt, but pain is sometimes the best way to reach maturity.

Kindness Matters

How Simple Kindness Has a Profound Impact

Season 1, Episode 37

A central ingredient in loving relationships is kindness. The absence of kindness can allow anger or insecurity to fester, but the presence of kindness can become the foundation for security and clean communication. You don’t want to miss this episode.


Bringing Richness into Your Character

Season 1, Episode 36

What does it mean to be a good person? We often refer to goodness as it relates to performances. This podcast goes beyond the performance focus as it encourages you to examine goodness as a measure of integrity.

Pessimistic vs. Optimistic Communication

Subtle Ways We Set up Others’ Responses

Season 1, Episode 29

Pessimistic communication arises in the most common scenarios. This podcast will highlight the stark differences between the two forms of communication, focusing on the mindset that lies beneath your chosen manner of interaction.

Being Likable

Increasing Your Influence by Being Approachable

Season 1, Episode 28

You can be knowledgable on a wide range of topics. But if others don’t like you, who cares? Before any communication can be successful, others need to feel that you are an approachable person, that you truly care.


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