When Assertiveness Doesn’t Work

Standing In Self-Respect Even When You Don’t Receive A Good Response
Season 3, Episode 138
Assertiveness is defined as standing for your your worth, needs, and convictions while also showing regard for others. Unfortunately, when you are clean in your communication, some will still respond poorly. At that point, it becomes your task to stay on point, as opposed to letting the other person hijack your good intentions. And that is what we will address in this podcast.

The Avoidant Partner

How To Respond When Your Partner Is Evasive
Season 3, Episode 136
Healthy relationships are built upon skills emphasizing connection and affirmation. Sometimes, though, a partner may be reluctant to connect, becoming avoidant. This can be especially common when conflicts arise. When this happens it is reasonable to attempt to connect, but in the event that it doesn’t happen, you will need to be poised to keep your cool. That is what we will address in this podcast.

Sports Anger And Its Effect On Families

Seven Ways To Keep Balance In Sports Enthusiasm
Season 3, Episode 134
Some families suffer emotionally because sports participation can create exaggerated, harmful emotions. At its best, sports can create a welcome diversion from the hum-drum elements of life. But at its worst, sports participation can reveal an emptiness of the soul. In this podcast we will examine how to keep sports participation in check so it remains a positive addition to family life.

A Cure For Bitterness

Eight Choices To Keep Bitterness At Bay
Season 3, Episode 132
Bitter people inevitably have a legitimate reason to feel angry, but over time, the anger becomes so toxic it greatly inhibits that person’s quality of life. While no explanation may suffice as you try to make sense of an injustice, you still have choices regarding your long-term emotional disposition. In this podcast we’ll zero in on seven choices that can keep you from the acidic effects of bitterness.

How To Survive A Toxic Relationship

Eight Essentials To Stay Healthy When Faced With Relationship Poison
Season 3, Episode 130
Some people have such a strong tendency toward control, power, and invalidation that it creates a form of relationship poison. This can leave you feeling anxious, shamed, and confused. In this podcast we will underscore how you can apply eight lifestyle adjustments that will keep you from being poisoned by such a person.

Are You Feeling Annoyed? Yeah, Me Too.

Eight Ways To Keep Annoyances From Running Away With You
Season 3, Episode 129
Annoyance means you are aroused to impatience and anger, often by small matters. Usually annoyances don’t last long, yet they occur many times in one day. Without a plan to contain this emotion, your personal disposition can be soured. In this podcast we will identify eight adjustments you can make as you determine to keep annoyances from taking over your day.

An Unnatural Approach To Anger

Eight Essentials For Calm Firmness
Season 3, Episode 121
While we tend to think of angry people being rude and caustic, it is possible for angry people to maintain calmness in the midst of that emotion. Calm, firm individuals are seeking respect, and they choose to make their presentation of anger consistent with respect. This podcast will examine that even when you cannot make others act properly in moments of anger, you can still be emotionally steady within yourself.

How To Argue Without Fighting

12 Ways To Keep Disagreements From Being Fights
Season 3, Episode 118
While many people assume that disagreements and fights go hand in hand, it does not have to be that way. Disagreements are a part of any long-term relationship, so it is necessary to have solid rules of engagement to keep tensions in check. This podcast will identify 12 essential ideas that will keep arguments from turning ugly.

Moving Away From Anger – Moving Toward What?

10 Traits That Will Transform Your Anger Style
Season 3, Episode 115
It’s not enough to say you want to be less angry. That’s a good starting point, but you’ll need to have an idea of the positive qualities you are moving toward. In this segment, we will identify 10 elements inside anger that tend to sidetrack you, and we will then identify 10 alternative traits that will move you into a much healthier manner of anger management.

What Your Anger Reveals About You

Hidden Messages Pushing Your Frustrations
Season 3, Episode 114
There are various ways to manage your anger, some positive and some negative. In order to manage your anger most constructively you will need to be aware of the inner thoughts and needs feeding it. With insight and honesty about the true nature of your anger styles, you will be poised to make choices consistent with healthy lifestyle practices. That’s what we’ll explore in this podcast.

Boomerang Communication

Six Ways to Remove Hostility From Disagreements

Season 2, Episode 104

When you confront or express a frustration, there is a high potential for the other person to reverse the course of words right back onto you. That’s called boomerang communication. Words and emotions are invalidated and tension explodes on the scene. In this podcast we will discuss how to keep that form of communication from escalating.

Assumed Hostility

Becoming Offensive For No Good Reason

Season 2, Episode 101

Quite commonly your comments or questions can be met with an agitated response even when there is no good reason for the agitation. Sometimes individuals just assume a hostile stance in communication, and this can create immediate problems. In this segment, we will examine ways to keep hostility from popping out, especially when there are cleaner ways to interact.

Shut Down Communication Mode

Staying Clear From Silent Contempt

Season 2, Episode 96

Too commonly people manage tensions by going into a deep form of withdrawal that indicates punishment and contempt. While there are actually times when withdrawal can be a necessary tactic, it need not be accompanied by a message of rejection. In this episode we will examine how to find seek time for individual reflection even as relationship issues are in play.

Can Anger Be Beneficial?

15 Minutes to Constructive Anger

Season 2, Episode 95

Because we tend to think of anger in mostly negative terms, we can overlook the fact that sometimes anger has a legitimate function. It is an emotion of self-preservation and can prompt the individual to stand firmly for valid needs and convictions. That said, it can be easily misused, so it is important for the angry person to pause long enough to discern how to match the legitimate message of anger with a respectful manner of communication.

The Insecurity Behind Controlling People

How Controllers Can Improve Their Relationships

Season 2, Episode 94

While a superficial assumption may lead you to conclude that controllers are self-assured and confident, they are in fact quite insecure. Controllers set themselves up for inner tension by presuming they cannot be satisfied as long as others do not conform. Common sense tells us, though, that high control people have diminishing appeal since their behaviors tend to bring out the worst in relations.

Seeing into the Other’s Anger

Applying Objectivity So You Can Remain Stable

Season 2, Episode 87

When someone is inappropriately angry toward you, it is easy to become pulled into the raw mood of the moment. As a contrast, if you can learn to recognize what is truly pushing that person’s anger along, you can develop objective understanding that prevents you from responding in your own maladaptive reactions.

The Slow Approach Is The Fast Approach

Giving Priority to Patience

Season 2, Episode 75

When individuals act impatiently they are so intent on pushing events to the finish line that they actually make the task all the more difficult. Living with balanced patience might feel like you are taking a slower path, yet the results can be much more satisfactory and timely. In this episode we will discuss the ingredients that go into the making of a patient manner of relating.

Your Inner Peace – or Not

Applying Calm to Potential Storms

Season 2, Episode 74

When strains and tensions arise it is very common for couples to lean into the conflict with agitation and stubbornness. It may feel counter-intuitive, but those are precisely the moments when your calmness is needed most. This episode will explore the traits needed to create peace instead of volatility.

The Most Important Ingredient for Managing Anger

How Self-Focus Can Help Keep Anger Constructive

Season 2, Episode 71

When strains are openly addressed within marriage, it is far too common to focus on what the other person should do in order to make things right. The alternative is to have a clear self-focus anchored in wisdom and discernment. As you plan who you want to be despite unfriendly responses, you can become a model worthy of following.

Responding to Badgering

Five Tools to Keep Conflicts From Blowing Up

Season 2, Episode 65

When conflicts arise, communication can be laced with strong emotion which can then lead to badgering (griping, accusing, bossiness, repetitions, insistence, etc). Your task is to recognize the futility of badgering so you don’t make a bad situation worse. This episode will explain five key ideas that will set you up to be a calming presence in a potentially volatile situation.

If “Can’t” Is True

Four Paths Toward Realistic Choosing

Season 2, Episode 64

Unfortunately disappointment and tension is inevitable is close relationships, especially as unwanted circumstances arise. In those moments, some succumb to the word “can’t.” They can assume (falsely) a complete lack of choice in the moment. This episode will explore four ways to reorient your thinking so you will not become emotionally paralyzed by “can’t.”

Real Strength

Unleashing the Power of Gentleness

Season 2, Episode 60

When we think of a person who is overwhelming or domineering, it is common to interpret that person as very strong. Yet simple logic tells us that one who belittles and demeans is anything but strong. Real strength is measured by traits anchored in gentleness. In this episode you will be challenged to prioritize traits like respect, humility, and patience as you seek to become a person of influence.

Are You Committed To Anger?

You Know Your Anger Is Hurtful, And Yet…

Season 2, Episode 59

Some individuals can treat anger like an old friend who is not good for them, yet they continue to go back to it because of familiarity. This can represent emotional laziness. Rather than quickly returning to maladaptive anger, though, it is possible to choose new patterns, and this episode will challenge you to rethink who you want to be when tensions rise.

Five Options for Managing Anger

Becoming Proactive in Response to Frustrations

Season 2, Episode 57

In this segment, we will identify five basic choices you have as you experience anger. Knowing your options (both healthy and unhealthy), you can become more effective in keeping anger within reasonable boundaries.

Intense Anger

Eight Indicators of Anger Becoming Abusive

Season 2, Episode 56

Some individuals become so intense in their emotions that their behavior becomes abusive. In this episode we will identify eight indicators of verbal abuse, and we will also discuss ways to respond to the abuse so it will not increase.

Releasing Anger

Applying Wisdom to Chronic Frustrations

Season 1, Episode 47

Sometimes, no matter how right or appropriate you are, your efforts to address frustrations fall flat. At that point you may need to reassess your goals to include the release of your anger – letting go of it.

The Passive Aggressive

What Happens When Anger Becomes Conniving

Season 1, Episode 39

This podcast will help you identify when others are dragging you down with passive aggressive tactics, focusing on how you can respond in ways that will keep you from feeling trapped by its manipulations.


How to Ruin a Relationship

Season 1, Episode 32

When you communicate consistently with a critical attitude, it tells more about who you are than who you are criticizing. This podcast will challenge you to be honest about your own inner tensions that are revealed by your propensity to find fault in others.

Being Critical

Recognizing Relationship Poison

Season 1, Episode 23

While we might be tempted to identify fear with deep dread or apprehension, it can show itself in many nuanced ways.

Defined By Fear

How Fear Shows up in Your Responses

Season 1, Episode 22

While we might be tempted to identify fear with deep dread or apprehension, it can show itself in many nuanced ways. We’ll take a look at how we can come to terms with these responses.

What Happens to Suppressed Anger

The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

Season 1, Episode 20

In every relationship exchange are two levels of communication, overt (the spoken word) and covert (the unspoken message). Guess which is more powerful? In this episode you’ll learn to balance your messaging.


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