Affairs and Infidelity

The Back Side Of An Affair

Things To Consider Before Choosing Infidelity
Season 3, Episode 123
When persons are engaged in an extra-marital affair they tend not to consider what will happen once the affair comes out into the open. In this podcast we will identify many of the ingredients that need processing once the affair is discovered. You will learn that the layers to the “emotional onion” are many and complicated, and the result can be a renewed commitment to sexual fidelity.

The Making Of An Affair

Five Ingredients That Accompany Infidelity

Season 2, Episode 83

Affairs happen for a reason; they do not just occur by chance. In this podcast we will examine five of the most common qualities that factor into the making an affair. Our purpose is to assist you in figuring out how to respond if an affair has occurred, or better yet, to show you what to address up front so an affair can be averted.

Opposite Gender Friendships

10 Ways to Maintain Good Boundaries

Season 2, Episode 82

Having connections with people of the opposite gender is both inevitable and normal. That stated, it is good to know how to manage yourself in those relationships so they will not cross the line into an inappropriate bond. In this podcast we will identify ten ways to establish and maintain healthy boundaries so your marriage will be honored even as you interact with people of the opposite sex.

The Affair Crisis Plan

12 Responses to an Extra-marital Affair

Season 2, Episode 78

Once an extra-marital affair is exposed, emotions become erratic and communications can be difficult. Because of the sensitivity of the situation, reason needs to be applied. This podcast gives an overview of 12 critical areas that need to be addressed so the people involved will have the highest potential of responding to this marital intrusion as constructively as possible.

The Two D’s

How to Know if an Affair Is Out of Your System

Season 2, Episode 66

When a person engages in an extramarital affair, it is inevitably accompanied by deception and deservedness (an attitude of entitlement). For healing to move forward, these two ingredients need to be removed as thoroughly as possible. This episode will explore the nature of deception and deservedness so you can learn if trust can be rebuilt.


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