The Controller’s Dirty Little Secret Part 1

Eight Ways to Respond to a Controller’s Insecurities
Season 3, Episode 139
When a person acts consistently controlling, behind the scenes is a deep insecurity driven by fear and apprehension. Yet these people often operate with such a low level of self awareness that they cannot admit this obvious truth. Your task, as one who relates with the controller, is to keep your composure, not allowing the other to set your emotional pace.

How To Survive A Toxic Relationship

Eight Essentials To Stay Healthy When Faced With Relationship Poison
Season 3, Episode 130
Some people have such a strong tendency toward control, power, and invalidation that it creates a form of relationship poison. This can leave you feeling anxious, shamed, and confused. In this podcast we will underscore how you can apply eight lifestyle adjustments that will keep you from being poisoned by such a person.

Intense Anger

Eight Indicators of Anger Becoming Abusive

Season 2, Episode 56

Some individuals become so intense in their emotions that their behavior becomes abusive. In this episode we will identify eight indicators of verbal abuse, and we will also discuss ways to respond to the abuse so it will not increase.

Abuse Needs To Be Openly Addressed

8 Signs of An Abusive Relationship

Season 2, Episode 53

Too commonly partners can remain in a cycle of abuse and great damage is done to the relationship. This episode addresses the serious nature of abuse and identifies ways to respond if it is ongoing.

Use of Alcohol

Keeping Balance In Your Habits

Season 1, Episode 48

In this episode we will discuss the potential pitfalls of imbalanced alcohol use, focusing on helpful suggestions that will assist you in keeping alcohol from being a negative contributor to your primary relationships.


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