The Anti-Growth Trait

How Denial Hinders Maturation

Season 2, Episode 90

There is no denying that denial is a major problem in marital communication. Denial is a defense mechanism indicating fear and insecurity. It leaves others feeling invalidated and dismissed, and the net result is stagnation in personal growth. To eliminate denial, begin with the realization that there is much that could be gained by receiving input. Listening (as opposed to invalidating) can help you grow.

The Anti-Growth Trait

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think about

In this episode, we identified that:

  • Every person interprets events differently, meaning you can learn from others’ input.
  • Secure people can handle less-than-flattering input.
  • You can’t improve as a person if you begin with the assumption there is nothing left to learn.

Let's Talk

“In what circumstances is denial most common in your home? How does denial impact the overall home atmosphere?”

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