Responding to Badgering

Five Tools to Keep Conflicts From Blowing Up

Season 2, Episode 65

When conflicts arise, communication can be laced with strong emotion which can then lead to badgering (griping, accusing, bossiness, repetitions, insistence, etc). Your task is to recognize the futility of badgering so you don’t make a bad situation worse. This episode will explain five key ideas that will set you up to be a calming presence in a potentially volatile situation.

Responding to Badgering

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think about

In this episode, we acknowledged that:

  • Badgering illustrates a form of deep insecurity.
  • You can choose to join in a counter-badgering style of communication or you can choose to be the mature person in the relationship equation.
  • Your boundaries can be established without a harsh, punitive attitude leading the way.

Let's Talk

“When the communication in your home becomes too agitated, what poor responses might you offer? What are your better alternatives?”

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