Core Trust

Reading Cues That Indicate The Depth of Marital Trust

Season 2, Episode 62

Marital partners may say they trust each other, yet their communication can consist of chronic bickering, or perhaps there is little personal disclosure, or maybe they struggle to find points of agreement. For trust to be trust, it has to be demonstrated in real life situations. In this episode, we will examine ways that show if trust truly is (or is not) an integral ingredient in the marriage.

Core Trust

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think about

In this episode, we discovered that:

  • Trusting partners have few incidents of defensiveness.
  • When you develop trust in a relationship, it is the result of truly knowing each other from the inside out.
  • Trusting partners naturally seek for clarification when communication breaks down. They don’t readily become argumentative.

Let's Talk

“What would you say are the top 3 or 4 indicators that trust is fully intact within a relationship?”

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