The Passive Aggressive

What Happens When Anger Becomes Conniving

Season 1, Episode 39

Passive aggressive anger involves the expression of hurt or frustration in a hidden fashion that minimizes personal vulnerability. Some people use this form of emotional management so commonly that it is a defining feature. This podcast will help you identify when others are dragging you down with passive aggressive tactics, focusing on how you can respond in ways that will keep you from feeling trapped by its manipulations.

The Passive Aggressive

by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think about

In this episode, we recognized that:

  • When you enter a power play with a passive aggressive person, you lose.
  • The passive aggressive pattern is anchored in fear disguised as control.
  • A break-through in passive aggressiveness cannot happen without humility.

Let's Talk

“What are some common passive aggressive behaviors that sometimes show up in your closest relationships?”

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