How to Ruin a Relationship

Season 1, Episode 32

When you communicate consistently with a critical attitude, it tells more about who you are than who you are criticizing. Critics are struggling with deeper matters like unresolved anger, strong defenses, a need to compensate for insecurity, and a judgmental nature. This podcast will challenge you to be honest about your own inner tensions that are revealed by your propensity to find fault in others.


by Les Carter, Ph. D. | MarriagePath Radio

Something to Think about

In this episode, we learned that:

  • Most critics have truth that need to be conveyed, but the delivery can negate the message.
  • Critics have a need to prove how smart or better they are.
  • Critics can be too strongly driven by idealism, as opposed to being anchored in realism.

Let's Talk

“What seems to be the driving force behind the chronic tendency to criticize?”

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