podposthead Pre-Adolescent Communication

Adults Who Are Fixated in Child-Like Ways

Season 1, Episode 16

S ad as it may seem, many adults communicate like frustrated pre-teens when they disagree. They can gripe, accuse, call names, appeal to rules, and refuse to listen…just like a common twelve year old kid. This podcast draws out comparisons and contrasts of pre-adolescent communication to adult communication. In other words, the listener will be promoted to ask: “Am I willing to drop childish tendencies so I can be fair-minded even in the midst of challenging tensions?”

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Something to Think about

In this episode, we discovered that:

  • Pre-adolescent communication is driven by raw impulse, not thoughtful planning.
  • Many adults have not progresses beyond childhood forms of communication, even though they enjoy other forms of adult success.
  • Adult to adult communication is not typified by shame, insults, or blame.


Let’s Talk

One of the most important aspects to positive change is communication and questions are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions. So each week, I ask a question.

“What does your communication look like when you or your partner go into a pre-adolescent form of exchange?”

Les Carter, Ph. D.

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