podpostheadCalm Firmness

Holding Your Ground While Keeping Your Composure

Season 1, Episode 9


Many people can communicate firmly, but with a force that is rude and combative. Others can be calm, but with a manner that invites invalidation. Would you believe that it is possible to blend your firm convictions with a calm disposition? If you want to manage personal boundaries well, you can choose to stand strongly for your needs without also being argumentative and imposing. It requires self-restraint, but a calmly firm person can truly become a person of influence.

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Something to Think about

In this episode, we acknowledged that:

  • Forceful communication usually ensures that a valid message will not be well received.
  • Simply put, people like to be addressed in a respectful manner.
  • When you are attempting to sway someone to your perspective, less is more.


Let’s Talk

One of the most important aspects to positive change is communication and questions are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions. So each week, I ask a question.

“Why do some people not recognize that harshness is an unsuccessful way to state firm convictions?”

Les Carter, Ph. D.

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