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Know Why You Do What You Do

Season 1, Episode 6


Too many individuals manage emotions and communications without really considering what they want to accomplish. In other words, they can be haphazard in the ways they conduct life. Conceptual thinkers, however, take the time to ponder who they are: Why do I communicate as I do? What are the wisest ways to manage my frustrations? What are my relationship goals, and how do those goals inform my behaviors? Instead of merely reacting to what is in front of them, these people are guided by purpose and principles.

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Something to Think about

In this episode, we recognized that:

  • When you do not take the time to consider where you are going in your primary relationships, you usually find yourself in an emotional ditch.
  • Conceptual thinkers recognize that there is no such thing as a meaningless exchange.
  • Conceptual thinkers like to be challenged regarding the why’s of their relationship skills.

Let’s Talk

One of the most important aspects to positive change is communication and questions are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions. So each week, I ask a question.

“In what circumstances do you tend to react first and think later?”

Les Carter, Ph. D.

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